Friday, June 8, 2012

Friday night--It's been a great week, but everyone is ready to get back home. At Lima waiting for midnight flight back to Miami. Please pray for safe travel...scheduled to arrive back in Little Rock at 3pm Saturday, if we can get everyone out of the T-shirt shop!

Thursday, June 7, 2012

Tuesday and Wednesday were big clinic days! Tuesday, we went back to the Monte Sion clinic and saw around 500 patients who were invited by Desiree, a young American who works with a non-profit organization here called Discover Hope. Desiree volunteered to help translate for us this week and in return, she asked us to see the families she is helping through her organization. They did not have a facility suitable for us to see the patients, so she gave them all soles to catch the bus to the MS clinic. She said there were about 250 families served by the organization, but she had no idea how many would show up. The Peruvian people have been demonstrating in the streets at times while we have been here...they are against the gold mines in the area. So far we have not had any problems getting around, but did see a little bit of street demonstrators on our way back home this afternoon. Anyway, the demonstrators did not deter any of Desiree's folks from showing up. We've also had a local independent Baptist missionary couple and their pastor and his wife helping this week. We have been so greatful for the long hours and hard work they have put in. Their pastor lead about 50 to accepting Christ as their savior on Tuesday. Wed, we worked at another area we have worked in before call the Asociacion Mujer. Another 500 people were seen on that day as well. A coupld of sad cases seen that day was a little 4 year old boy who had been burned with hot milk or hot water 3-4 months ago. The boy was taken to the hospital and was given a cream to last 2 days. He now has scar tissue so bad, he can't raise his arm. Another baby, 7 months old, had a very loud heart murmur and not growing well. We are making arrangements to get some tests done on her to see what needs to be done to help her. Another we saw Wed. just wanted something much simplier. Two boys carried their grandmother in and then used the clinic wheelchair. They just want a wheelchair for their grandma. We've seen many other things, all sad and sadder still we can't help all of them. Today (Thursday) is a fun day...but heartbreakiing. We started the day at the local market...nothing like a market you have seen back home. A big building with little stalls set up inside selling all sorts of stuff, fruit, fresh meet, canned goods, a little clothing, olives in a barrels, and on and on. We devided the team into 2 groups and gave each group $500 to spend on 5 poor familiesd. They were given lists of things to buy, knowing what ages in the group made up the family team. Dickering between English and Spanish is always a treat, but is eventually always gets done. Our team was team Celco. Celso had started a church up in the mountains overlooking the Cajamarca valley. We had to go up several switchbacks to get up the mountains, but one we were there, it was a beautiful view down below, The first home we came to was more like a hut. It was about a 10 X 10 shed with some boards together and slapped some tarp over the top. The mother was out looking for work and the 3 little kids stayed home. I will do my best to post a picture. Very sad! The other families were also very poor conditions---They all appreciated the food and gifts very much. It's these expereinces that make you see things in a different light. We just pray we are giving them a little bit of relief with what so little we had to give.

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Tuesday All is going well and staying busy! Sunday, we started the day going to church at Monte Sion. We were blessed to hear a message from Dr. Ron, the physician who is running the Monte Sion clinic. Most of us, including me, couldn't understand what he was saying, but Doyne gave us a abbreviated version after the service. Sunday afternoon, we went to the orphanage and played with the children. There were only 25 children there. There is a new director and she says the older children run away at night and once they do that, she doesn't allow them to return. There use to be up to 70 or so children there. We helped them roast hotdogs and marshmallows. It was a contest to see which kid could eat more dogs. I'm sure their bellies hurt that night, but they sure enjoyed it that afternoon. Monday, we held clinic in an area of Cajamarca called Santa Barbara. We held clinic in the dance hall. It was a nice building with concrete floors and natural ventilation through the walls. We had a good day. Today we are going back to Monte Sion for clinic.

Sunday, June 3, 2012

Saturday 6-2-2012--We saw many patients at the new Monte Sion clinic near Villa Milagro. The clinic is not totally finished, but still a nice facility to work in. It took us a little while to get things set up, but once the ball started rolling, things went smoothly. Everyone is well. If I can get this figured out, I will post pictures soon.

Friday, June 1, 2012

We made it to Cajamarca around noon today without any problems. All tired, but alive and well!

Saturday, June 11, 2011

Friday, June 10, 2011

Friday June 10, 2011

Our last day...It's been a good trip, but I believe everyone is ready to get back home and see their families. We had a very busy day in Jesus yesterday, a great way to end the mission. The team has worked well together and new friendships made. Will be finishing up on home deliveries of food today, then a run to town to spend the last of ur soles before heading to the airport this afternoon. We have a long day ahead of us so continue to pray for us for traveling safety. We leave Cajamarca this afternoon at 4pm and the Texas folks will not get back to their hometown until Saturday at 9pm. Will try to update as we travel.